The on line prices are the same as the Nuna Lie stores?

Yes they are, but if there are some differences between the on line prices and those on the clothing labels, the correct price is those on the sales receipt.

The item I would like to buy is not available, it will be provided?

Unfortunately if the item is not available online, probably it is out of stock in our storehouse too. If there is an high demand of an item we would try to have it back as soon as possible.

How can I be sure to make a correct purchase?

When you buy on www.nunalie.it you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t receive it, something didn’t work or You may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. In this case we invite you to contact our customer service.

After having confirmed the purchase, can I modify or delete it?

No, when the order has been confirmed the purchase cannot be modify or delete.

If I receive a defective or wrong item, what can I do?

We also wrap items in optimum conditions but if, in the exceptional case, you receive a defective or wrong item, we invite you to contact the customer service.

What payment method can I use to make my purchase on www.nunalie.it?

We offer the following payment methods: paypal, postpay or the main credit cards using the secure credit card payment PayPal. For further information take a look at our section “Shipping and Payment”. You can also pay cash on delivery at an extra 4.00 € but you can use this option also if you are buying from the Italy.

What are the shipping time and methods?

For the purchases sent in Italy, you will receive your package within 5 working days (7 for the island). The shipping costs amount to 7.00 € but they are for free over 40.00 €. If you want to know costs and conditions for the orders abroad, take a look at the section “Shipping and Payments”.

Can I return or change an item?

You can return one or more items for free within 14 working days starting from the date in which the order has been received while if you want to change an article, return it and make a new order. For further information please visit the section “ Returns and Refunds” on our website.