Purchase conditions

1. Identification of the seller

Nunalie.it is created and managed by: Propage Srl with registered office in Piazza G. Mazzini, 15, 00195 Roma (RM) – Tax Identification Number 07756211004

2. Application of general terms and conditions

From the moment your order is confirmed, you agree the general terms and conditions of the sales.

3. Validity of the offers

Items that you can buy online are available until the stocks were exhausted. If an article is not available Nuna Lie shall undertake to propose another one or to repaid the customer within 15 days and to send him an e-mail if the order is not available.

4. Prices

Prices are in Euro excl. tax. The VAT amount is written on the receipt. Nuna Lie reserves the right to modify its prices at any one time until the order confirmation.

5. Order and payment

5.1. To complete an order

To make an order it is important to register on our web site nunalie.it creating an account with username (personal e-mail) and password. After you have inserted the items in the basket, you will be able to see the actual amount and if you have some discount codes, you can insert them before the confirmation.

5.2. Payment

With nunalie.it you can choose different payment methods:

  • Credit card.
  • PayPal.


5.3. Non payment

Nuna Lie reserves the right to deny a delivery if the customer didn’t pay the whole sum of a previous order or if there are some payment disputes.

5.4. Payment verification

Nuna Lie controls each order confirmed on its website to protect itself from possible money laundering. We could ask you via mail some particular information to proceed to the order, such the domicile or name proof.

5.5. Purchase limit

For safety reason it is impossible to make a purchase over € 1.500,00.

6. Identification

If you have just bought on our website nunalie.it you can choose a password to facilitate your future orders. The password is strictly personal and confidential and can’t be divulged or communicated to third parties. In the event of loss of the password, you need to retrieve it with a specific procedure in the Login section as soon as possible. Communicating e-mail address and password to facilitate the identification the customer expressly permit to enable a “cookie”.

7. Delivery

Nuna Lie delivers the items within 5 working days but delivery time could vary up to 15 days in case of complication. We will advise you via e-mail and you will be able to ask for an “immediate” refund. In order to guarantee a secure service, the articles are delivered exclusively via courier.

8. Money back guarantee

Return conditions for articles not on sale: all returns must be made within 14 working days of the e-mail confirming shipment. For further information send an e-mail to the address resi@nunalie.it specifying your name, surname and number and code of the product you want to return. All items have to be in the same condition in which they were received. Nuna Lie reserves the right to deny the return of not signposted articles. We recommend to withhold th receipt that the courier will give you. Nuna Lie accepts no responsibilities in case of loss or damage during the transport. The refund will take place within 14 working days.

9. Not delivered articles

Articles may be not delivered for the following reasons: unknown addressee, unclaimed or refused articles, damages during the transport, alterations…

9.1. Returned articles’ causes: unknown addressee or wrong address

Articles sent back to the sender due to the following reason: The addressee doesn’t live in the known address. On receipt the package in our storehouses, Nuna Lie will contact you to make a new order, if the article is still available, or to proceed to a refund. Nuna Lie reserves the right to proceed to a refund and not to make a new order if there has been many cases of unknown addressee.

9.2. Returned articles’ causes: absent/ advised customer

Articles that the customer has not picked up on time. After the package has been received in our storehouse, Nuna lie will contact you to make a new order, if the article is still available, or to proceed to a refund. Nuna Lie reserves the right to proceed to a refund and not to make a new order if there has been many cases of unclaimed articles.

9.3. Returned articles reason: refuses

The customer refuses the articles at the moment of delivery After having received and accepted he package from our storehouses, you will receive a voucher on your account within 72 hours after the return of the articles. It is possible to cancel the voucher and the refund writing an e-mail to the address assistenza@nunalie.it.

9.4. Shipping costs in the sections 9.1,9.2,9.3

In these 3 cases, the shipping costs will be at your expense.

10. Responsibilities

In any stage of access to the web site, visits, form filling, orders, delivery or any other service, Nuna Lie assumes the obligation to intermediate. Therefore, Nuna Lie is not responsible for any problems related to the use of the Internet, especially to the virus and matters which are for reasons of force majeure with reference to the judgment of the Court of Justice, absolve Nuna Lie of all responsibility.

11. Intellectual Property

All visual or auditory features of the website nunalie.it, are protected by copyrights and they are the sole property of Nuna Lie. Hyperlinks that use framing, deep linking, inline linking o other direct link methods, are strictly prohibited. These links have to be withdrawn at Nuna Lie’s request.

12. Nominative data

Nuna Lie, reserves the right to collect the nominative data related to our website users, especially through the “cookie” described in the article 8. Moreover, Nuna Lie reserves the right to transfer data collected in the website. However, in compliance with the Low No. 78-17 6 January 1978, each user or customer may at all time object to the commercial use of said data and benefit from the right to access, ratification and cancellation of their personal data. Requests related to this Article have to be submitted to the following e-mail address: assistenza@nunalie.it.